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Thornton ~ Westminster ~ Federal Heights ~ Northglenn ~ Denver

It's Your Right to Repair It!

Need your data recovered?

Most products that are mass-produced now are designed to be nonrepairable and thrown away,

so you have to buy a new one, planned obsolescence. If you haven't backed up your data to the cloud

or a separate hard drive, very few shops can help. 

We guarantee effective and comprehensive out-of-warranty computer repair for your personal or business, laptop or desktop products. 

We pride ourselves in helping our neighbors and businesses - large or small, that need to conserve cash to proceed in today's economy.


We proudly serve Thornton, Westminster, North Glenn, Federal Heights, and North Denver.

Our reputation and history of successful computer repairs and happy clients speak for themselves.

We have expanded and added more services, thanks to our community!

With the Micro Soldering capabilities we now have, our focus is shifting to repairing products that often cannot be just thrown away and are easily replaced. 

We can save you

 time, expense, and

Recover Your Data!

Computer Repair Services

you can Trust.

Since 2000, Computer Bargains - Computer Repair Thornton has become a well-known Computer Repair Service in Denver. What started as a hobby has become our passion, and we're delighted to share it with you.


We offer quality repairs at affordable prices. Our intense passion for fixing what’s broken has brought us to the forefront of the repair industry, and our impeccable results have kept us there.


Open for Business

M-F 10 AM TO 5 PM

Computer Repair Services you can Trust

We service a wide range of computer product types and manufacturers. Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with our computer parts suppliers and reuse many computer parts from equipment that we receive to be recycled. 

Our staff is well trained, and each computer repair or used computer sale benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise. To stay in business in the computer world, you also need to stay current with the newest equipment, and we do. 

Computer Bargains has some of the finest built computers because they are sold to the business world. We receive them when they are removed from service when businesses

change locations or go out of business.

Many of the pre-owned computers still have much life left!

We have earned our name "Computer Bargains" because we offer amazing prices for laptop and desktop systems updated with NEW Solid State Drives (SSDs) and Hard Drives that provide peak performance.

We can also add more memory to your existing system or upgrade your computer to SSD or more RAM!

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